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The Evelina de Rothschild High-school in Jerusalem

The Anglo-Jewish Association is pleased to announce that judgement was made in our favour in our dispute with the Jerusalem municipality concerning the fate of the Evelina de Rothschild high-school in Jerusalem.

The arbitrator, retired judge Jacob Bezalel, in his decision of 17 June, held that the AJA (represented by Advocate Louis Garb of Jerusalem) was correct in its contention that the municipality had breached its agreements with the Association by allowing the Hartman Institute to establish a school for girls on the premises.

The arbitrator held that the presence of the Hartman School for Girls on the Evelina campus must cease and that the school should only bear the name of Evelina de Rothschild.

Neil Miron, President of the AJA, stated that the Association wished to cooperate with the municipality in order to attempt to restore the Evelina School, bearer of a proud history of 144 years, to its former glory.